How Much Will Oral Appliance
Therapy Cost Me?


How Much Will Oral Appliance Therapy Cost Me?

At DSM Associates, we understand that you want to have a clear picture of your potential treatment costs and out of pocket expenses so we’ll always make sure that you’re fully informed prior to starting treatment.

Health Insurance:

We accept ALL commercial health insurance plans (one you get from an employer or purchased privately) and nearly all of them offer coverage for our treatment!

Every insurance plan is a little bit different so your treatment costs are affected by your specific plan’s deductibles, maximums and coinsurance levels.

As such, we’re always happy to prepare a no-obligation, individualized estimate of your benefits prior to your first appointment so you can have a clear picture of treatment costs.

Most of our patients with health insurance end up with an out-of-pocket expense around a couple hundred dollars.

If you’d like us to prepare an individualized estimate of benefits for you then just fill out the form to the right and our Clinical Director will quickly reach out to you to get your insurance info and prepare it for you.

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What If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance then that’s ok! For our patients without benefits, we do everything we can to smooth out the cost of treatment and minimize out-of-pocket expenses by using several payment plan options. Most of our patients who use our payment plans end up with an out-of-pocket expense around $116-$159 per month over 12 months. Additionally, we offer significant cash discounts to patients who wish to prepay in full and for Medicare and Medicaid patients since we do not participate in those plans.

To learn more, just fill out the form above and one of our friendly treatment coordinators will reach out to you quickly to answer all your questions about costs, payment plans and oral appliance therapy treatment.